Frequently Asked Questions

I just found this now, what is this?

If you first see this page now, you might just have been using the Pirate bay /proxy/ section all along.

Yes, this is a much bigger and better (in our opinion) solution for searching torrents.

Knaben Database provides information from many trackers (including Pirate bay that you have been using all along 👀)

If you haven't noticed, the (new) team behind Pirate Bay are only running it as a symbol of freedom.

No further development are being done and moderation is questionable

If you are not from our proxy, then welcome!

Live search means that knaben will reach out directly to all websites and grab the result during a search.

The results returned will be a "live" and contain the actual stats for the link during that instance.

Live search will also include results from the cache, and all in all will return a mix of both

See the icon on the left to see when this link was last cached

Use this option if you're having trouble finding something, or are looking for something very new

Fast search only searches the cache without reaching out to all websites in that instance.

It may be fast, but it may give outdated results back.

How are Unsafe / Uncertain links calculated?

The virus detection looks for common strategies used by malicious actors

These include links that has an unrealistic amount of seeders, high seed to peer ratio, small file size and recently uploaded.

This is how the calculation is done:

score[0] = (1.00 or 0.00) If category is PC
score[1] = minimum(1.0, seeders / 50000)
score[2] = (1.00 or 0.00) If Seeders is 10 times more than peers
score[3] = min(1.0, 52428800 / (size + 1))
score[4] = (1.00 or 0.00) If Pirate Bay and contains PC category
score[5] = min(1.0, 1209600 / (now + 1 - date))

virus = sum(score) / score.length

"This torrent is, and will always be indexed once" What's that?

Some trackers are not happy about heavy load and tons of requests.

Therefore, these links are cached differently.

They don't rely on live search, and are only indexed once.

These links are available, but may quickly get outdated :(

Why ads

There is only ads on the proxy page.

We want people to move away from the proxy and use the main website instead.