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PC/GamesCall of Duty: World at War [L] [ENG / ENG] (2008) (1.0) [Activision]6.96 GB2021-10-29262RuTracker
PC/GamesDivinity 2: Developer's Cut [x86] [RUS] [Wine]5.16 GB2021-10-2920RuTracker
PC/GamesDivine Divinity [x86] [RUS / ENG] [Wine]3.45 GB2021-10-2920RuTracker
PC/GamesLove Sweets / ラブスイーツ [P] [ENG / JPN] (2014, 2021, Эротика) (1.00) [Portable]3.04 GB2021-10-2930RuTracker
PC/GamesAbsolute.VR.Experiences.VR-VREX3.35 GB2021-10-2934RARBG
PC/GamesAbsolute VR Experiences VR-VREX3.35 GB2021-10-2920The Pirate Bay
PC/Games[Engine] Stockfish Chess Engine 14.1 - Шахматный движок UCI x86/x64 [L] [ENG] (2021) (14.1)...275.97 MB2021-10-29193RuTracker
PC/GamesHorror Story: Hallowseed [L] [RUS + ENG + 4 / ENG] (2021) (1.0.0a) [GOG]13.93 GB2021-10-2942RuTracker
PC/GamesSeed.of.the.Dead.Sweet.Home.v1.101-PLAZA10.15 GB2021-10-2945RARBG
PC/GamesOddworld.Soulstorm.Update.v1.16-CODEX385.45 MB2021-10-2920RARBG
PC/GamesNASCAR.21.Ignition.Update.v1.2.1.0.incl.DLC-CODEX1.99 GB2021-10-2900RARBG
PC/GamesIL.2.Sturmovik.Desert.Wings.Tobruk.Update.v5.028-CODEX985.09 MB2021-10-2930RARBG
PC/GamesHades.Update.v1.38246-CODEX111.34 MB2021-10-2960RARBG
PC/GamesGhostrunner.Neon.Update.v0.41220.649.incl.DLC-CODEX428.07 MB2021-10-2925RARBG
PC/GamesFossilfuel.Raptor.Isolation-PLAZA17.65 GB2021-10-2935RARBG
PC/GamesDying.Light.Platinum.Edition.Update.v1.45.0.incl.DLC-CODEX928.96 MB2021-10-2932RARBG
PC/GamesAge of Empires IV (4) [P] [RUS + ENG + 12 / ENG + 8] (2021) (5.0.7274.0 + DLC) [UWP-Dump]217.3 GB2021-10-29103RuTracker
PC/Games[В разработке] Foundation [amd64] [Multi] [Wine]1.25 GB2021-10-2932RuTracker
PC/GamesInsiders-PLAZA2.24 GB2021-10-2970RARBG
PC/GamesHalloween Chronicles. Behind the Door. Collector's Edition / Хроники Хэллоуина: По ту сторону двери....1.42 GB2021-10-2953RuTracker
PC/GamesScarlet Nexus [P] [RUS + ENG + 10 / ENG + JPN] (2021) (1.04)12.28 GB2021-10-2932RuTracker
PC/GamesTalisman: Origins [L] [ENG + 5] (2019) (74605 + 3DLC) [GOG]1.26 GB2021-10-2930RuTracker
PC/GamesElectro Ride The Neon Halloween-PLAZA1.76 GB2021-10-2900The Pirate Bay
PC/GamesShade: Wrath of Angels / Гнев Ангелов [x86] [RUS] [Wine]319.24 MB2021-10-2920RuTracker
PC/GamesHalf Life 2 Update + Episodes Update FullHD with HLAlyx textures [x86] [ENG] [RUS][Source]28.22 GB2021-10-2962RuTracker
PC/GamesHalloween Chronicles Cursed Family-RAZOR792.03 MB2021-10-2920The Pirate Bay
PC/GamesDark Romance Sleepy Hollow Collectors Edition-RAZOR1.4 GB2021-10-2900The Pirate Bay
PC/GamesVampire: The Masquerade - Shadows of New York [L] [RUS + ENG + 2 / ENG] (2020) (1.0.1) [GOG]3.37 GB2021-10-29112RuTracker
PC/GamesChernobylite Monster Hunt-P2P31.68 GB2021-10-2963The Pirate Bay
PC/GamesHoney.Villa-DARKSiDERS1.24 GB2021-10-2931RARBG
PC/GamesAutomobilista 2 v1 2 4 4-P2P68.71 GB2021-10-2920The Pirate Bay
PC/GamesMarvels Guardians of the Galaxy Deluxe Edition-Full Unlocked42.17 GB2021-10-2946The Pirate Bay
PC/GamesIL 2 Sturmovik Desert Wings Tobruk Update v5 028-CODEX985.09 MB2021-10-2911The Pirate Bay
PC/GamesOddworld Soulstorm Update v1 16-CODEX385.45 MB2021-10-2910The Pirate Bay
PC/GamesBehind the Frame The Finest Scenery Update v1 4 0-CODEX384.47 MB2021-10-2900The Pirate Bay
PC/GamesHades Update v1 38246-CODEX111.34 MB2021-10-2940The Pirate Bay
PC/GamesBlack Widow: Recharged [P] [RUS + ENG + 9] (2021) [Portable]383.92 MB2021-10-2932RuTracker
PC/GamesHorror Story: Hallowseed [P] [RUS + ENG + 4 / ENG] (2021) [Scene]13.83 GB2021-10-2930RuTracker
PC/GamesThe Ascent Update 4 incl DLC-CODEX654.47 MB2021-10-2920The Pirate Bay
PC/GamesGhostrunner Neon Update v0 41220 649 incl DLC-CODEX428.07 MB2021-10-2900The Pirate Bay
PC/GamesDying Light Platinum Edition Update v1 45 0 incl DLC-CODEX928.96 MB2021-10-2902The Pirate Bay
PC/GamesAlan Wake Remastered [amd64] [RUS] [Wine]25.3 GB2021-10-2920RuTracker
PC/GamesWe.Need.To.Go.Deeper.The.Quantum-PLAZA761.1 MB2021-10-2920RARBG
PC/GamesDishonored 2 [amd64] [Multi] [Wine]34.66 GB2021-10-2920RuTracker
PC/GamesYaga: Armful Edition [L] [RUS + ENG + 15 / ENG] (2019) (1.3.21) [GOG]3.26 GB2021-10-2921RuTracker
PC/GamesBehind the Frame The Finest Scenery Update v1 4 0 CODEX384.5 MB2021-10-29011337x
PC/GamesAbsolute VR Experiences VR VREX3.49 GB2021-10-29901337x
PC/GamesZiggurat 2 MULTi11 DODI Repack759.71 MB2021-10-291301337x
PC/GamesHitman 3 3 70 MULTi5 CODEX GNU Linux Wine johncena14157.15 GB2021-10-29571337x
PC/GamesGhostrunner Neon Update v0 41220 649 incl DLC CODEX428.12 MB2021-10-29211337x