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Audio/VideoLichtmond 3 - Days of Eternity [2014, NewAge, Ambient, BD=>DVD5]4.37 GB2014-12-2321RuTracker
Audio/VideoHDScape - FirePlaces [2019, Relax] [BD > DVD9]7.35 GB2020-12-2820RuTracker
Audio/VideoYoussou N'Dour & Friends - United against Malaria [2005, World, Ethno-Pop, SATRip]4.37 GB2009-10-2210RuTracker
Audio/VideoYanni Live! The Concert Event [2016, New Age, BD -> DVD9]7.23 GB2016-02-1520RuTracker
Audio/VideoYanni - Live at Royal Albert Hall 1995 [2002, New Age, SATRip]2.57 GB2010-01-1420RuTracker
Audio/VideoBeastie Boys 1999 05 03 - Glasgow DVD (Кто-то из MTV) [1999, Hip-Hop, VHSRip]3.15 GB2010-03-0421RuTracker
Audio/VideoRichie Havens - In Concert (BBC) [1974, Folk, TVRip]2.17 GB2009-05-0620RuTracker
Audio/VideoGipsy Kings - Live at Kenwood House in London [2004, Flamenco, Rumba, SD Blu-ray, 1080p]22.65 GB2016-11-0320RuTracker
Audio/VideoSara Evans • Stagecoach • California's Country Music Festival [2015, Country, HDTV 1080i]5.35 GB2016-07-3020RuTracker
Audio/VideoEli Young Band • Stagecoach • California's Country Music Festival [2015, Country, HDTV 1080i]5.39 GB2016-06-1710RuTracker
Audio/VideoThe Band Perry • Stagecoach • California's Country Music Festival [2015, Country, HDTV 1080i]6.67 GB2016-12-1600RuTracker
Audio/VideoTaylor Swift - Interview + Red & Highway Don't Care (Live @ CMA Music Festival) August 12, 2013 [Cou...846.12 MB2013-08-2220RuTracker
Audio/VideoTaylor Swift - Red (MUCHHD) [2013, Pop Rock, Country Pop, Country Rock, HDTV 1080i]426.27 MB2013-07-29352RuTracker
Audio/VideoTaylor Swift - Red (Concert Live On The Seine) January 19, 2013 [Country Pop, Pop Rock, Country Rock...629.64 MB2013-07-0610RuTracker
Audio/VideoTaylor Swift - Red (Live @ CMT Music Awards) June 5, 2013 [Country rock, HDTV 1080i]439.47 MB2013-06-1310RuTracker
Audio/VideoTaylor Swift - Red [2013, Country, Master, 1080i]6.16 GB2019-03-0331RuTracker
Audio/VideoTaylor Swift - Red (CMT Music Awards 2013) [2013, Country Pop, HDTV 1080i]1.11 GB2014-10-1520RuTracker
Audio/VideoTaylor Swift - The Red Tour, Saitama Super Arena, Tokyo, Japan - 1st June 2014 [2014, Country Pop, H...20.52 GB2020-08-0624RuTracker
Audio/VideoTaylor Swift - Red (Good Morning America 2012) [2012, Bubblegum Pop, HDTV 720p]1.17 GB2015-12-2620RuTracker
Audio/VideoTaylor Swift - Red - CMA Awards Performance 2013 [2013, Country, HDTV 720p]1.09 GB2016-03-2330RuTracker
Audio/VideoKeith Urban & Carrie Underwood • The Fighter (59th Annual Grammy Awards) [2017, Country, Pop, HDTV, ...688.91 MB2017-02-1510RuTracker
Audio/VideoKeith Urban & Carrie Underwood • The Fighter (The 52nd Annual ACM Awards) [2017, Country, Pop, HDTV,...250.56 MB2017-04-2610RuTracker
Audio/VideoCMT Crossroads • John Mayer & Keith Urban [2010, Rock, Blues, Country, HDTV 720p]1.59 GB2014-06-1530RuTracker
Audio/VideoKeith Urban - Invitation Only [2010, Country, HDTV]5.42 GB2011-02-0620RuTracker
Audio/VideoKeith Urban • Front And Center [2014, Country, HDTV 1080i]3.77 GB2015-01-1520RuTracker
Audio/VideoTaylor Swift • iHeartRadio Jingle Ball [2019, Country Pop, HDTV, 1080i]3.89 GB2019-12-1442RuTracker
Audio/VideoTaylor Swift • I Bet You Think About Me (Taylor's Version) [2021, Country Pop, WEB-DL, 1080p]464.14 MB2021-12-0530RuTracker
Audio/VideoTaylor Swift • Willow [2020, Country Pop, WEB-DL, 1080p]569.33 MB2021-01-1730RuTracker
Audio/VideoTaylor Swift - Tmall Double Eleven Gala [2019, Country Pop, HDTV, 1080i]3.25 GB2019-11-2932RuTracker
Audio/VideoTaylor Swift • Cardigan [2020, Country Pop, WEB-DL, 1080p]645.69 MB2020-08-2621RuTracker
Audio/VideoTaylor Swift • You Need To Calm Down [2019, Country Pop, MasterRip, 1080p]560.52 MB2020-01-1930RuTracker
Audio/VideoTaylor Swift • The Man [2020, Country Pop, WEB-DL, 1080p]291.43 MB2020-03-0720RuTracker
Audio/VideoTaylor Swift - You Need To Calm Down & Lover (MTV Video Music Awards 2019) [2019, Pop, HDTV, 1080i]2.51 GB2019-09-0620RuTracker
Audio/VideoTaylor Swift • Lover (Strictly Come Dancing Final) [2019, Country Pop, HDTV, 1080p]373.78 MB2019-12-1520RuTracker
Audio/VideoTaylor Swift • Lover [2019, Country Pop, Master, 1080p]4.88 GB2021-12-1552RuTracker
Audio/VideoTaylor Swift • BBC Music • The Biggest Weekend (Main Stage, Swansea, Singleton Park) [2018, Pop, Cou...3.23 GB2018-05-2733RuTracker
Audio/VideoTaylor Swift • ME! (Germany's Next Top Model by Heidi Klum) [2019, Country Pop, Dance-Pop, HDTV, 108...279.07 MB2019-05-2420RuTracker
Audio/VideoKacey Musgraves • Slow Burn (The Late Show with Stephen Colbert) [2018, Alternative country, America...291.8 MB2018-04-0820RuTracker
Audio/VideoKacey Musgraves • High Time (The Late Late Show with James Corden) [2016, Alternative country, Ameri...389.64 MB2016-04-0720RuTracker
Audio/VideoCarrie Underwood & Steven Tyler - Undo It & Walk This Way (The 46th ACM Awards) [2011, Country/Rock,...743.52 MB2011-04-0820RuTracker
Audio/VideoGoran Bregovic & The Wedding and Funeral Band (feat. G.Dalaras) - AVO Session Basel 2011 [2011, Bras...4.36 GB2014-10-2720RuTracker
Audio/VideoTaylor Swift - Christmas Is When You Were Mine - Today Show 2007-12-25 [2007, Country, HDTV 1080i]403.4 MB2016-03-2420RuTracker
Audio/VideoN'Diale: Jacky Molard & Foune Diarra - Festival Au Fil des Voix 2011 [2011, ethnic-folk, WM, HDTV 10...4.04 GB2014-03-0710RuTracker
Audio/VideoKacey Musgraves • Butterflies (The Today Show) [2018, Alternative country, Americana, HDTV, 1080i]461.28 MB2018-04-0810RuTracker
Audio/VideoDolly Parton - Holly Dolly Christmas [2020, Country, HDTV, 1080i]4.2 GB2021-12-2542RuTracker
Audio/VideoYoussou N'Dour • Montreux Jazz Festival [2010, Mbalax, Ethnic, Afro, World, HDTVRip 720p]3.94 GB2013-06-0401RuTracker
Audio/VideoAcoustic Africa, Habib Koite & Bamada, Salif Keita, Manu Dibango & Soul Makossa Gang, Nancy Vieira, ...4.3 GB2013-08-1602RuTracker
Audio/VideoYoussou N'Dour. Estival Jazz Lugano 2014 [2016, Mbalax, world music, HDTV 720p]3.24 GB2016-01-3100RuTracker
Audio/VideoTaylor Swift - Untouchable - Saturday Night Live 07-11-2009 [2009, Country, HDTV 1080i]552.16 MB2016-03-2020RuTracker
Audio/VideoVA - A Celebration of the Music from Coco [2020, Folk, Latin, WEB-DL, 1080p]2.93 GB2021-01-1820RuTracker